Monday, October 5, 2020

October Virtual Reunion


Because of the continuing COVID-19 restrictions, the Valley of Worcester will be
modifying our Fall schedule. In October, November and December, we will be holding
virtual meetings with speakers on a range of outstanding topics. These meeting will be
open to all masons, from Entered Apprentice to Master Mason, so please use these
events to generate activity in your lodge.

Monday October 12th 7pm

Bro. James Powers
“Above the Tracing Board, an esoteric look at Masonry”

Dial in Number: 3017158592
Meeting ID: 86121864039 Passcode: 574918

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Two Valley Members Elected to Receive 33rd Degree

This year, two of our best known brothers
were elected to receive the 33° Degree.

They will be coronated next year, along with
Brother Azim S.Rawji 32° MSA,
at the Supreme Council Annual Session in Cleveland, OH

2020 Valley of Worcester 33° Candidates

Bro∴ Francis M.
Hart 32°

Travis L.
Simpkins 32°

Congratulations to Fran and Travis